Fiberglass Mesh

Professional Fiberglass Mesh Manufacturer in China

Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co. Limited is the leading wholesale fiberglass mesh manufacturer based in China. Our mesh sheet has extremely good tensile strength for its type. It doesn’t elongate much, which is best as low elongation is ideal for fiberglass reinforcing mesh What makes us the best fiberglass mesh supplier is that our mesh has high elasticity and great rigidity. The chemical resistance of our mesh sheet is exceptional. It also has a very modest water absorption ability. It is a highly durable mesh as it doesn’t corrode or rust and is compatible to rely on for years. The installation of our fiber mesh is also very easy. These require very low maintenance to work efficiently. Our professionals keep working to keep raising the bar of quality and hi-tech design even further. We promise to deliver the best fiberglass reinforcement mesh that you won’t anywhere else in the world.

Enhance Your Construction Projects with Premium Fiberglass Mesh

We are the sole fiberglass mesh supplier that offers a very massive variety of meshes. We have standard A1 quality and structure. You can get a Fiberglass insect screen from us to cover your windows and open spaces with it for the need visibility and protection at the same time. Then we have another variety of fiberglass mesh sheets for protection from insects that is fiberglass invisible screen insect mesh. This screen insect mesh offers protection against insects but also has qualities like weather resistance, flame resistance, moisture resistance, etc. We also make waterproof soundproof insect net roll, alkali-resistant reinforcing mesh, laminated mesh sheets, high tensile strength wire mesh, plaster wire mesh, and concrete reinforcing mesh. Our goal is to meet every customer requirement with our custom-made fiberglass mesh.

Offer High-Quality Fiberglass Mesh at Wholesale Rates

Our goal is to make our product accessible and affordable for everyone. For this reason, we have kept the prices of our products very cost-effective and affordable. The quality and design that you get from us at such affordable rates cannot be found at any other manufacturer. Along with that, the variety of meshes that we deal in is above and beyond comparison. The plus point of choosing us is that we offer fast and easy shipment services, thereby you do not have to wait for months, but you will get your order within a week of placing your order with us.

Features Of Our Fiberglass Mesh 

  • Long life: Anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-heat, anti-drying, and moisture-resistant properties.
  • Flame retardant: Provides fire prevention capabilities.
  • Anti-moisture: Resistant to moisture and humidity.
  • Anti-static: Prevents static electricity buildup.
  • Excellent light transmission: Allows for good visibility and natural lighting.
  • No deformation: Maintains its shape without warping or bending.
  • Anti-ultraviolet: Protects against harmful UV rays.
  • High tensile strength: Offers strong resistance to stretching or tearing.
  • Easy installation: Can be directly installed on various frames, such as windows, doors, and frames made of wood, steel, aluminum, or plastic.
  • Non-toxic and odorless: It does not contain toxic elements and does not emit any unpleasant smells.
  • Fireproof: Glass fiber yarn used in window screens helps prevent fire.
  • Lightweight: It has a low weight, making it easy to handle and adjust.
  • Good ventilation: Allows for proper air circulation and ventilation.
  • Invisible effects: Provides a clear and unobstructed view from the inside.
  • UV protection: Filters out harmful UV rays, ensuring the safety and health of occupants.

Common Product Specifications

Mesh Shape


Multiple Standard Sizes

5 × 5mm, 4 × 4mm, 2 × 2mm


yellow, green, blue, red, orange. and White

Roll Size

1 × 51m

Length (m) Specs

20, 30,40, 45, 50, 90