Steel Grating

Find the Most Durable Steel Grating China at Yadong Only!

Interested in developing robust infrastructures in your surrounding? Contact Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co. Ltd., a top-notch metal grate supplier of China that manufactures the best quality steel bar grating for walkways, bridge flooring, drainage covers, platforms, mezzanines, stair treads, ramps, etc. We are considered the most reliable dealers in town, providing supreme heavy duty steel grating and catering to local and international customers with the best services. With years of experience, we have excelled in working on the steel floor grating and satiating our clientele by all means. The professional and highly skilled team of Yadong employs the best raw material as we want every infrastructure to be excellent so that we can make this world a better place to reside.

Reasons to Use Stainless Steel Grating

We, at Yadong, believe in the superiority of stainless steel material. Here are all the best reasons that would convince you to invest in stainless steel grating.

  1. Stainless steel wire mesh is the most visually appealing material and it makes the platforms look brighter and more attractive.
  2. Yadong also provides high-quality galvanized steel grating with high mechanical resistance.
  3. The stainless steel we use for china steel walkway grating is also corrosion-resistant.
  4. We also used galvanized steel as it is an inert material.
  5. The low surface roughness of our drainage steel grating is easy to polish.
  6. Only stainless steel conforms to all the sanitary requirements.
  7. The maintenance costs of welded steel grating in China are nil.
  8. All the stainless steel bar gratings we provide have a long life as we use the most in-demand raw material.
  9. Our manufactured products are 100% recyclable.
  10. Yadong offers steel grating for sale at very economical rates.

Size and Weight Chart of Galvanized Steel Grating

Yadong offers patrons the most incredible steel floor grating which is easy to cut, weld, and machine. Moreover, we have various sizes to offer you as well as per your requirements, such as 3ft x 1ft, 3ft x 2ft, 3ft x 4ft, 3ft x 6ft, 3ft x 8ft, 3ft x 10ft, 3ft x 24ft. We also cut and customize the steel bar grating as per the application you are going to use it for. We measure the bar thickness and bar height as well before running them parallel to one another. The following chart describes some of the sizes of our steel grating in China.

Size and Description


3/16 x 1 - 19SW4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide

7.50 lb.

3/16 x 1-1/4" - 19SW4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide

9.20 lb.

3/16 x 1-1/2" - 19SW4 SMOOTH - 3Ft Wide

11.00 lb.

3/16 x 1 - 19SW4 SERRATED - 3Ft Wide

7.50 lb.

3/16 x 1-1/4" - 19SW4 SERRATED - 3Ft Wide

9.20 lb.

3/16 x 1-1/2" - 19SW4 SERRATED - 3Ft Wide

11.00 lb.


Treatments We Apply at Drainage Steel Grating

Yadong is a team of a highly experienced team of officials that can provide you with the best guidance on stainless steel grating when it comes to choosing the aptest bar size, spacing, and installation type for your use. We help our customers in each step and render them with the best solution from the ground up. We give different treatments to our products to make them better in all ways. Here is how our steel bar grating has been treated.

  1. We give our gratings the de-greasing finishing treatment which is basically a mechanical cleaning action to get rid of any grease, traces, or dirt.
  2. We also perform pickling of the surfaces of the steel floor grating to eradicate the oxidized crusts.
  3. We also treat the gratings with electrochemical polishing which leads to reduced surface roughness and increased resistance against all external factors.

With all such treatments, we can give 100 percent assurance about the high quality of our products.