Fiberglass Invisible Screen Insect Mesh

Fiberglass invisible Screen Insect Mesh
  • Fiberglass invisible Screen Insect Mesh

Fiberglass Invisible Screen Insect Mesh

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Soundproof Window Screen is the abbreviation of PVC coated fiberglass plain weave screen. It is made of glass fiber monofilament plastic coating process, flat weaving, heating, shaping and inspection.

Product Description

Are you searching for a reliable exporter of Fiberglass Invisible Screen Insect Mesh? We have the largest selection at wholesale prices to aid you in being more innovative. The quality of our fiberglass mesh fly screen is guaranteed.  This screen is the most cost-effective on the market, more attractive and robust than plastic window screens, less expensive than metal window screens, and most importantly, fireproof.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Product Name

Fiberglass Invisible Screen Insect Mesh

Mesh size 

20x20 18x16 16x16 14x14mesh




110g/m2,115g/m2 , 120g/m2, 125g/m2, 130g/m2, 135g/m2


Black, gray, gray/white, green,


Widely used in homes against insects


1) Long life span

2) Weather resistance and anti-aging qualities

3). Flame resistant, anti-cold, anti-heat, anti-dry, and moisture-resistant

4). Anti-static, light is good, the wire does not require channel, UV deformation, tensile strength, and long life

5). Excellent, well-structured shape