Midge Mesh Fly Screen

Midge Mesh Fly Screen
  • Midge Mesh Fly Screen

Midge Mesh Fly Screen

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Project Solution Capability: total solution for projects Application: Apartment Design Style: Modern Place of Origin: China Screen Netting Material: plastic Type: Door & Window Screens

Product Description

Midge Mesh Fly Screen are designed to keep flies, bees, spiders, locusts, crickets, mosquitoes, and most other forms of flying insects out of a home while allowing homeowners to see the outdoors and have sufficient air circulation. They're normally composed of high-quality mesh, which not only serves to keep your home safe from humans and insects but also guarantees that it gets proper ventilation. 


Product Name

Midge Mesh Fly Screen

Mesh size 





30m, 50m, 90m, 100m, 300m,etc


White, Black, Grey, etc


·         They are incredibly durable and customizable, making them not only simple to clean but also to use.

·         Excellent visibility from the outside.

·         It won't shrink, rust, or damage.

·         Insect protection for your home

·         This insect screen is very affordable for the qualities that it provides.

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