Tensile Fiberglass Mesh

Tensile Fiberglass Mesh
  • Tensile Fiberglass Mesh

Tensile Fiberglass Mesh

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Product Description

Tensile Fiberglass Mesh is made of high-quality fiberglass yarn, coated with water-based acrylic resin and gum solution, which makes it smooth surface, elastic, resistance to deformation. It has good tensile strength and elongation (stretch), corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Product Specification

Mesh Size

16x16 mesh, 15x14 mesh, 12x12 mesh, 10x10 mesh, 9x9 mesh, 8x8 mesh, 6x6 mesh, 5x5 mesh, 5x4 mesh, 4x4 mesh, 3x3 mesh, 2.5x2.5 mesh, 1x1 mesh and so on



Roll Length





White (standard) blue, green, orange, yellow, and others.

Product Features

·         High tensile strength fiberglass mesh is lightweight and robust.

·         They're antiseptic products that stop mold and insects from growing.

·         They can be used to insulate against heat.

·         They're built of long-lasting materials that won't corrode or decompose.

·         They're simple to handle and use, and they're alkali-resistant.

·         They provide good cohesiveness and dimensional stability for enclosing window and door frames.