Chain Link Mesh

Yadong Hardware - Leading Chain Link Mesh Manufacturer 

Our company Anping Yadong Hardware Products Co., Ltd has founded in 2020, established in Anping, recognized as the most high-grade production base of chain link mesh supplier in china. To suffice the need for market economy development, we've built an exceptional team with skills, years of experience, and quality education consecrated to researching and inventing link mesh machine devices. After one year of dedication in the chain link mesh manufacturer industry, our company has now developed into an integrated quality manufacturing and a trading entity.

Generally, fitting a chain link fence is a common choice for both home and business owners. Not only because it's easy to install, but also it serves many purposes, including security. These fences are cost-effective products in today's market. Due to several different applications, it's available in various gauges and mesh sizes. Our manufactured chain link mesh rolls are completed with line wire and knuckled edges. What's more, the mesh with barbed edges is more eminent and suitable for advanced security. 

Applications Of Chain Link Fence Mesh

As a topmost chain link mesh supplier in China, our company supplies several fencing types based on your choices and work-out as promised. Our powder coating material is a crucial product, which delivers weather tolerance and gloss retention in UV exposure. 

Specific applications for chain link mesh (wire) comprise security, sports, boundaries, and plant security, making it appropriate for various properties and practices. The finish of chain link netting can wither be galvanized, un-galvanized, and plastic coated in green and black or other RAL colors, with either smooth or rough core wire finishes. The heights available at Yadong, the finest chain link mesh manufacturer, wire netting ranges from 900mm to 3.6cm. Moreover, vertical and cranked post extensions are also available to carry razor wire for added security. 

Features Of Chain Mesh

• It is pure hot dipped galvanized wire

• High corrosion resistance

• Highly durable in nature

• Lightweight

• Superior strength

Why Choose Us?

Our panel of hard workers don't only deliver you quality materials but also products that are anti-rust, anti-corrosion, durable, well-structured, and quick to install. We provide you the service with customization options and safety. Therefore, you can put your trust, as we are all here to alter your fancies into foregone conclusions.