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Aluminum Grating
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Aluminum Grating

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It is steel bar according to a certain distance and cross arranged and welded into the middle of a square latice with an iron and steel products.

Product Description

Aluminum grating is manufactured of a high-grade aluminum alloy that can endure a great deal of force. This substance also never rusts or corrodes, making it extremely long-lasting. Furthermore, the material utilized to create this grating makes it lightweight, easy to handle. For heavy-duty applications, our Aluminum Grating is the finest choice. From back access covers to weight-bearing flooring, we provide a wide selection of grating solutions to fit your needs.



Aluminum Grating

Bearing bar size

1" x 1/8" to 2–1/2" x 3/16" with 1/4" increments

Bearing bar spacing (center-to-center)

1–3/16", 15/16", 11/16" and 7/16"

Crossbar spacing (center-to-center)

4" or 2"


When a lightweight, highly corrosive material is required, aluminum bar grating is an excellent choice. Because of its versatility and durability, the aluminum grating can be implemented in a range of industrial applications. Aluminum bar grating goods from Direct Metals include a rectangular bar, flush top, riveted, plank, and I-bar aluminum bar grating.