Chainmail Ring Mesh

Chainmail Ring Mesh
  • Chainmail Ring Mesh

Chainmail Ring Mesh

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Materials: stainless steel 304L Size: 4"x4", 6"x6", 7"x7", 8"x6", 8"x8" Application: Safely use on cast iron, stainless steel, copper, and other non-coated cookware without damaging finish or seasoning.

Product Description

Prime Quality Material

The material used to make this chain mail ring mesh is stainless steel, a very strong and resilient material. The use of this material has given this chainmail ring mesh added strength. This chainmail ring mesh is unbreakable and highly robust. 

Corrosion Resistant

Stainless steel is a material that doesn’t rust; therefore, this corrosion-resistant quality is given to this chainmail ring mesh. 

Fire Resistant

This chainmail ring mesh is also resistant to fire and this quality comes from the use of stainless steel in the manufacturing of this mesh.


The structure of this chainmail ring mesh makes it very flowy therefore, it is very flexible, unlike other mesh types.

Significant Impact Resistance

This chainmail ring-type mesh design is very flexible; therefore, it has significantly good impact resistance. It doesn’t break apart of deforming very easily.

High-Level Security

This chainmail ring mesh design allows nothing, not even a finger to pass through the gaps. Therefore, it ensures a high level of security where ever it is used.

Low Maintenance

This chainmail ring mesh requires low maintenance, and it will work perfectly for years without any need for repair or replacement. 

Size Options

The sizes that we offer in our chainmail ring mesh are 4"x4", 6"x6", 7"x7", 8"x6" and 8"x8"

Multipurpose Applications

Our chainmail ring mesh can be used safely on cast iron, stainless steel, copper, or other non-coated cookware items without damaging their finish or seasoning.