Waterproof Fly Fiberglass Mesh Screen

Waterproof Fly Fiberglass mesh screen
  • Waterproof Fly Fiberglass mesh screen

Waterproof Fly Fiberglass Mesh Screen

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Product Description

The waterproof fiberglass mesh is made of twist and pain weave fiberglass material generally used as a window screen. This product protects against insects and debris while offering moisture and water resistance. It is suitable for providing excellent air ventilation and solar shading. It also has several benefits in terms of corrosion resistance and heat insulation.

It is simple to clean without deformation, has a long life span, and has a nice and silky feel in touch. It's been frequently utilized in various facilities to control insects, mosquitoes, and flies.


Product Name

Waterproof, Soundproof Fly Fiberglass


C glass


White, green, blue, and black



Mesh size


Roll Length

50m, 100m, or subject to buyer's needs.


Each roll is individually wrapped in a shrink-wrapping plastic bag before being placed in a carton or weaving bag.

Properties Of Weave Fiberglass Window Screen:


These window screens are made of fiberglass, a synthetic material known for its durability, lightweight nature, and moisture resistance. Fiberglass is a popular choice for window screens because it can withstand exposure to the elements.

Waterproof Coating: 

These screens have waterproof properties because they are treated with a waterproof coating. This coating acts as a barrier to prevent water from passing through the mesh, keeping the interior of your home dry during wet weather.

Insect and Debris Resistance:

These fiberglass mesh window screens are designed to keep insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, and debris, like leaves and dust, from entering your home. The tight mesh effectively blocks these nuisances, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.

Good Airflow: 

Despite their tight weave pattern, fiberglass screens allow for adequate airflow, allowing fresh air to enter while keeping insects out. This is especially important when you want to keep your windows open during warm seasons.


These screens are available in various sizes and can be custom-cut to fit specific window dimensions, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Easy installation 

The installation of fiberglass mesh is relatively straightforward and can be done as a DIY project or by a professional. They are often designed to be easily removable for cleaning or maintenance.

Versatile application:

These fiberglass mesh window screens are used in versatile residential and commercial applications. The most frequent applications include offices, schools, and homes to maintain comfort and hygiene.

Multi-color variety:

These screens are available in various colors to match the aesthetic of your home or building, providing a seamless and attractive appearance to your windows

Product variety:

I. Plain weave fiberglass window screen.

II. Twist weave fiberglass window screen.