Steel Wire For Flexible Duct

Steel Wire For Flexible Duct
  • Steel Wire For Flexible Duct

Steel Wire For Flexible Duct

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Product Description

Steel Wire for Flexible Duct is made with a cold drawing process in which steel ingot or a rod is drawn through a circular-shaped die of a high hardness mold thinner than the ingot, unlike other spinning processes like organic or glass fiber. The mold creates the pressure, and the steel deforms into a thin diameter, and it is performed up to the desired level to get the steel wire.


·         They have high strength and a tremendous yielding point in many applications for industries.

·         The silicon-chromium steel wire has the typical chemical compositions of 0.54C-1.4Si-0.7Mn-0.7Cr.

·         Made of low-carbon steel and the diameter of a wire of this kind usually varies within 0.16 – 10 millimeters.

·         Made of non-alloy carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.4 to 0.95%.

·         It works well in fatigue conditions.

·         The steel wire has excellent toughness.


·         The steel wire can be used to arm conductor cables in electrical, manufacturing, and multi-purpose machines in various industries.

·         Steel wire for flexible duct is also widely used for welding, and aluminum-clad steel wire is applied for OHL conductors and OPGW applications.

·         It can be used for different electrical switchgear.

·         Light fittings.

·         Telecommunications equipment.

·         Textile machinery is also one of the main applications for steel wire that is best for continuous flow production.