Hexagonal Gabion

Hexagonal Gabion
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Hexagonal Gabion

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Hexagonal Gabion Reno Mattress are made of heavy galvanized wire / ZnAl (Golfan) coated wire / PVC or PE coated wires, the mesh shape is hexagonal style.

Product Description

Gabions are rectangular cages filled with correctly sized rock or quarry stone composed of hexagonal double-twist wire mesh. Gabions are used to stabilize soil movement and erosion and water control, reservoirs, canal refurbishing, landscaping, and retaining walls. Gabions are stone-filled compartmentalized rectangular containers made of galvanized steel hexagonal wire mesh. As a supplier of gabion box, we provide you high-quality gabion boxes at least price. Shipping is available for global traders, so hurry up and request for quote now!

Product Specification


Stainless stain wire

Surface Treatment

hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC/PE coated or galfan coated.

Wire Diameter

1.5mm - 4mm


60 × 80, 80 ×100, 80 ×120, 100 ×120, 100 ×150, 120 × 150mm

Gabion Size

1x1x0.5m, 1x1x1m, 2x1x1m, 3x1x1m, 0.2x1mx1m, 0.3x1x2m

Tensile Strength

more than 380N per square meter

Gabion Style

Gabion Box


1. All you have to do is place stones inside the mesh and then seal it.

2. It's highly corrosive and weather-resistant.

3. Easy to construct, requiring no particular skills.

4. The silt that collects between the wire mesh and the stone aids plant growth. As a result, the gabion mesh blends in with the natural surroundings.

5. The mesh's good permeability helps to ensure the stability of the hillside and shore by preventing damage caused by hydrostatic force.

6. The gabion mesh is foldable and may be constructed on the side, reducing transportation expenses.


1.       Protecting rocks from breaking

2.       Protection of water and soil

3.       Defending the bridge

4.       Soil structure reinforcement

Value for Money

We can supply you with an entire range of our high-quality hexagonal Gabions at reasonable prices whenever you need them, and wherever you want them throughout the world. Therefore, you should not worry about the value of your money when ordering our hexagonal gabion box. This is because buying our high-quality hexagonal boxes is an investment itself.