Galvanized Steel Flexible Duct Wire

Galvanized steel flexible duct wire
  • Galvanized steel flexible duct wire

Galvanized Steel Flexible Duct Wire

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Place of Origin: China Type: Spring Application: Construction Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy Special Use: Cold Heading Steel Model Number: 60#,70# steel

Product Description

This galvanized Steel Flexible Duct Wire undergoes galvanization, which is the coating of stainless-steel wire with a protective, anti-corrosion, rust preventive metal through zinc. This makes them even more robust and a multi-purpose product for many industrial applications. These steel wires are smooth with no cracks or joints, are very smooth, and have excellent elasticity. The tensile strength should be between 1200Mpa-2200Mpa of these steel duct wires.


The tensile strength is much higher of these wires; that is why it is mostly used in buildings, steel cables, agriculture, galvanized ropes, and many similar fields.

·         They are used in ropes for a better tensile structure.

·         Making strong steel cables.

·         For galvanized strand.

·         For agricultural equipment to be used in primary industry.

·         Patented and galvanized semi-products can also be made.


·         It resists corrosion up to 100 times more than the uncoated steel wire.

·         They have a matte-grey appearance, and zinc is applied to the surface using an electro galvanizing process, which allows for a higher quality finish when painted.

·         This zinc coating used to galvanize the steel wire makes it crack-free and reduction in loss of adhesion when the steel is formed into a product.

·         This is very durable and can easily be transported without any scratches.