Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence

Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence
  • Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence
  • Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence
  • Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence

Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence

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used in the safety protection of stadium, greening around the block, rivers, buildings, residential area etc.

Product Description

Galvanized steel chain link fence is made with galvanized wires. Provided with a protective layer from zinc, they are galvanized. These galvanized steel fences offer a good acid and alkaline resistance and they are considered to be a very suitable option for outdoor fencing as it can be used against weather and sunshine, without being damaged. Galvanized chain links are quite suitable as they can be used for various purposes since they are very durable and have an elastic nature to resist change. Galvanized chain links were traditional, being used to mark the territories as they serve a purpose of the boundary but now, they can also be used as decorative mesh in modern buildings.

Galvanized steel chain link fence is supplied in mesh rolls in a variety of types for the customers, but are categorized as mainly galvanized chain link fence of two types: electro galvanized and hot dipped zinc plated fence, the other types of these steel chain link fence are stainless-steel chain-link fence and PVC coated iron chain link fence. However, galvanized chain link fence is the most popular and economically friendly type. if you stress over minor details like colors, a plastic-coated chain-link fence is the best choice as it can be painted freely in many colors.

Product Specification

Mesh Size(mm)






Wire Diameter(mm)


Post Length(mm)



Elco-galvanized, Hot dipped galvanized, Elco-galvanized Polyester powder coated, Hot dipped galvanized+Polyester powder coated  


Why Choose Our Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence?

As a provider of chain link fences, we only provide high-quality Galvanized steel chain link fences to our customers at an unbeatable price and deliver on time.