Gabion Fence Box

Gabion Fence Box
  • Gabion Fence Box

Gabion Fence Box

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Material: Low-Carbon Iron Wire, Galvanized Iron Wire Wire Diameter: 3-6 mm,such as 3.5 mm,4 mm,5 mm,6 mm Zinc Coated: 200-300 g/m³ Surface Treatment: hot dip galvanized after welded

Product Description

Elevate your outdoor space with our fencing Gabion Box, designed explicitly for fencing applications. This innovative product combines the rustic charm and robust strength of traditional gabion retaining walls with the elegance and functionality needed for modern fencing solutions.

Product Specification


Law-Carbon Iron, Galvanized Iron Wire


3-6 mm, such as 3.5 mm,4 mm,5 mm,6 mm

Zinc Coated

200-300 g/m³

Surface Treatment

hot-dip galvanized after welded


1. It can be used as a standalone fence or integrated into gabion retaining walls for added stability and aesthetic coherence.

2. This fencing solution provides a physical barrier and enhances privacy and security around your property when used with gabion retaining walls.

3. Tailored to meet your specific design and size requirements, our gabion boxes can be adapted to various fencing heights and lengths, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

4. It is a convenient option for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers.

5. Maintenance is minimal, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

6. It can be used as an artistic element in landscape design, contributing to outdoor spaces' overall ambiance and character.

7. Perfect for creating combined fencing and retaining wall structures, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits.

8. It is also ideal for delineating boundaries in residential gardens, commercial properties, or public parks.