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Gabion Cages

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Place of Origin: China Material: Galvanized Iron Wire, Low-Carbon Iron Wire Type: Electric Wire Mesh Application: Gabions

Product Description

Gabion cages can be described as a cage made of wires of steel, which are filled with rocks for landscaping and construction reasons. They are also called rock cages. There are many uses for Gabion cages such as soil erosion, gravity-retaining walls, temporary bases sea defense, and more. Gabion cages are made of hardened steel, which is then connected or welded to metal wires to form a sturdy and solid box shapes. It is available in different sizes and shapes. Customers can also request their own custom size. They are covered with thick zinc, which is corrosion-resistant.

Product Specification

Wire Diameter

2.0mm to 4.0mm

Hole Size


Box size

1x1x1m,2x1x1m,2x1x0.5m, etc.


Hardened steel wire


Corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant

Benefits of Gabion cages

Gabion cages are utilized in a variety of projects, but primarily in decor and construction projects. There are many advantages of Gabion cages, including:

1. The most significant benefit for Gabion cages is their ease in transporting large chunks of rock and heavy raw materials.
2. Another benefit for Gabion cage is the speed of operation. Gabion box reduces the majority of the structure work needed for bases and platforms.
3. Gabion Box is extremely helpful for drainage and is ideal for water permeability.
4. They're ideal for shoreline and beach construction, the Gabion cages help to absorb the force of waves, and allow construction work to be carried out on the beach.


Gabion boxes are usually employed in the retaining wall, slops protection shore/bank slope protection decorative, noise barriers, gardening, and much more.