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Gabion Box
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Gabion Box

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Function Slope support, foundation pit support Features High corrosion resistance, strength, ductility. Raw material Low carbon steel wire or above steel wire coated with PVC. Method Mechanical weaving.

Product Description

Gabion Box is a metal cage or container made up of metal wires, used to fill up with rock for landscaping and construction purposes. They are so known as rock cages. There are so many applications for Gabion boxes like soil erosion, gravity retaining walls, temporary base, sea defense, and many more.

Gabion Box are made from hardened steel tightly woven or welded with metal wires for a solid and rigid box shape. It comes in various shapes and sizes, and customers can also order their custom size. They are covered with a thick corrosion-resistant layer of zinc.

Product Specification

Wire Diameter


Hole Size


Box size

1x1x1m,2x1x1m,2x1x0.5m, etc.


Hardened steel


Corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant

Benefits Of Gabion Box

Gabion boxes can be used in various projects, mainly in construction and décor projects, and there are so many benefits of Gabion Boxes like:

  1. The biggest advantage of Gabion boxes is the ease of transport of big rocks and heavy raw materials.
  2. Another advantage of the Gabion box is the speed of work, Gabion box minimizes most of the structure work for platforms and base.
  3. Gabion box is super handy in drainage work, and it’s best for Permeability to water.
  4. They’re best for beach/seashore construction work, Gabion box absorb the power of waves and allow the construction work on beach.


Gabion boxes are normally used in retaining walls, slops protection, shore/bank slope protection, noise barrier, decoration, planting, gardening, and much more.