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Usage: Liquid Filter Material: PP Product name: PP750B Color: White Size: Customized Weave: Twill

Product Description

Excellent filtration capacity

This filter cloth has top-tier filtration capacity, it can be used to filter liquids of all sorts. It is made of pp and is weaved together by twill weave which is from it has gained its improved filtration capacity. It can be used to filter all sorts of industrial liquids as it is compatible with all types of filtration requirements.

Reliable Mechanical Strength

This filter cloth has comparatively pretty improved mechanical strength for its type. You can use it as filter press cloths, with vacuums, belt filters, gravity filters, pressure filters, rotary filters, candle filters, and elsewhere. it can be relied on for all sorts of filtration purposes for its outstanding mechanical strength.

Exceptional Chemical Resistance

You do not have to worry about this filter cloth getting torn apart when exposed to any chemical as it has exceptional chemical resistance that it won’t break apart very easily. The chemical resistance that this filter cloth has is beyond comparison.

Admirable Anti-Adhesion Property


This filter cloth has an additional quality that you won’t find in any other filter cloth of it type that is ant-adhesion quality. It makes it much good for cleaning and filtering all liquids.