Fecral Ekectr Resist Wire

fecral ekectr resist wire
  • fecral ekectr resist wire
  • fecral ekectr resist wire

Fecral Ekectr Resist Wire

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Model Number: 0Cr25Al5 Type: Bare Application: Heating Conductor Material: alchrome Conductor Type: soft Insulation Material: other

Product Description

Fecral Ekectr wires are produced using iron-chromium. These alloys contain a small number of reactive elements like yttrium and zirconium. These alloy wires are produced through smelting, steel rolling, forging, annealing, drawing, surface treatment, and resistance control test.


·         It has high resistance and has a low-temperature coefficient of electric resistance.

·         At a high operating temperature, it resists corrosion.

·         It is relatively low in cost and is a handy object for use in industrial electric furnaces and household electrical appliances.


·         It has a solid antioxidant property but can be impacted by gases in the air like carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, and nitrogen.

·         It needs to go through a pre-oxidation treatment before using.

·         High electrical resistivity.

·         Corrosion resistance under high temperature (specially under sulfuric atmosphere).

·         Can maintain high-temperature loads and can work at full capacity.

·         It has a Lower raw-material cost and is cheaper compared with Nichrome wire.

·         Superior oxidation resistance at 800-1300ºC.

·         It is an absolute value to money product as it has a longer life.


These Fecral wires are used in many industries for industrial furnaces, civil heating appliances, many electrical resistors, locomotive braking, infrared equipment, liquefied gas infrared heat-resisting net, different kind of igniting electrodes, and also for voltage regulating resistors used in motors. Other applications include metallurgical machinery in medical, chemical, ceramics, electronics, glass, and other civil industries.