Brass Perforated Metal Mesh

Brass perforated metal mesh
  • Brass perforated metal mesh

Brass Perforated Metal Mesh

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Thickness:0.2mm -30mm Hole:0.25mm-200mm Feature: Non-rusting/Non-corrosive/ Non-oxidizing/High strength/Easy cleaning

Product Description

Perforated brass metal mesh is a kind of metal sheet product, which is made from the perforated process. It is made by punching holes into the brass sheets by using the punching machines. Perforated brass metal can have thick or thin sheet thicknesses, as well as small or large aesthetically pleasing openings.

Product Specification


Perforated brass metal mesh


0.3mm– 10.0mm


0.8–1.5 m.


2.25, 2.5, 3 m.

Hole shapes

Round hole,square hole, Slotted hole, Hexagonal hole, Decorative hole


High strength 

Excellent surface quality

Good corrosion resistance

Stable dimension 

Easy processing 

Economical cost etc..

Application of Perforated brass metal mesh

Perforated brass metal mesh has a wide range of applications in different industries. We manufacture quality perforated copper sheets and perforated brass metal mesh with precision.